Panter licking himself

A compact statue of a panter licking himself. A fine quality bronze model by Thierry Van Ryswyck (1911-1958). This is a good example of Van Ryswyck paying great attention to the play of light on pelts and on trembling muscles, creating an exceptional decorative effect. This sculpture was cast in bronze using the lost wax process. Before casting, it was signed in the wax. It has an unusual green blue patina with almost turquoise highlights, as if the artist was trying to recreate the glazes he often used on his ceramic statues. This beautiful period sand cast was made by SUSSE Frères in PARIS.

  • Title: Panter licking himself
  • Measurements: 22 cm (h) x 20 cm (l) x 19 cm (w) 
  • Material: Bronze cast 
  • Signed: Th. Van Ryswyck 
  • Foundry mark: Susse Frères Editeurs Paris