About Chastelain & Butes and the Thomas Butes animalier collection

Chastelain & Butes

Chastelain & Butes specializes in 19th and 20th-century art, some of which is always on display in our gallery. The gallery was founded by Tom Hillen and Stephane Van Kerckhoven in 2019.

Why nineteenth and early twentieth-century art? Here the aim is to fill a gap in the art market. The nineteenth-century has so much more to offer than Impressionism and classical Romanticism. In composing our collection, we pay attention to artistic creations from various European countries and to different genres and subjects such as landscape, still life and portraiture. The illustration of Chastelain & Butes' adage "19th-century masterpieces - 20th-century discoveries" can be discovered in our gallery.

The Thomas Butes collection

The sculpture collection of Thomas Butes focuses on animal art.

Thomas Butes' website is designed to present the varied range of animal sculptures produced between 1840 and 2000. It presents the sold works and the existing stock. For more information on the availability of an object, please contact the gallery.