Monkey with Mouse

This statue by Guido Rigehtti (1875-1958) represents a monkey staring with wonder at a mouse. Probably created at the same time as Monkey (baboon) with a turtle. This version of a monkey with a mouse is unique and has not been documented in the catalogue raisonné. However, this monkey closely resembles another statue in the catalogue raisonné (page 159)(without the mouse) under the title Monkey scratching the earth. This cast has a dark patina with some green highlights. It is signed and is an old Italian cast which was made during the lifetime of the artist.

  • Title: Monkey with mouse
  • Measurements: 11,5 cm (h) x 28,5 cm (l) x 16 cm (w).
  • Material: Bronze cast 
  • Signed: G. Righetti
  • Dated: probably created ca 1920
  • Foundry mark: None