Marmoset and butterfly

This statue by Guido Rigehtti (1875-1958) represents a marmoset monkey looking curiously at a butterfly that has just landed at its feet. Created in the interwar period. Another version of this statue without the butterfly also exists. This cast has a brown patina with green highlights. It is mounted on a green marble base and signed. It is an old Italian cast which was made during the lifetime of the artist. The original plaster of this sculpture is now in the collection of in the Poulain museum in Vernon near Giverny in France. See also p. 84 Michel Polletti, Alain Richarme. Guido Righetti (1875-1958) Published by UDB 2007.

  • Title: Marmoset and butterfly
  • Measurements: 24 cm (h) x 21,5 cm (l) x 21,5 cm (w). 
  • Material: Bronze cast 
  • Signed: G. Righetti
  • Foundry mark: None