Frans Jochems (1880-1949)

Frans Jochems (1880-1949), is considered one of the most important animal sculptors of the Antwerp school. Frans Jochems follows courses in the studio of the lithographer Julien't Feld, in the section of applied arts of the Ecole Saint-Luc, in Antwerp, then at the Academy of Antwerp, with Thomas Vinçotte (1850-1925) and François (Frans) Joris (1851-1914). Study trips to Paris and London, where he obtained commissions. Creates religious works, portraits, medallions, monuments, but will be especially famous for his animal sculptures. Official and private orders. Build a war monument in Verviers. Works in Antwerp, at the foundry of Frans Albers; married couple Maria Albers, the founder's daughter (1920). Set up his workshop on avenue Marie-José, in Berchem. Sculpts from nature at the Antwerp Zoo, and becomes the master of the animal sculptor Karel Trompeneers (1891-1947). Knight of the Order of the Crown, in recognition of his work (1925). Works in various materials: plaster, terracotta, white stone, bronze, wood, marble, ivory, and creates monumental statues as well as portraits, busts, figures and animals in a realistic context.