De Wever Auguste

Auguste De Wever (1836-1910)

Remarkably little is known about the life and career of Auguste De Wever. He joined Charles Wiener, where he learned the art of making medallions.  Besides being a maker of medallions, he is also a sculptor. He designed many sculptures according to the prevailing Parisian fashion and can measure up to the best sculptors of his time in terms of technique and execution (e.g. Mathurin Moureau, Pradier, etc.) His well-known themes are allegorical figures, opera characters and "genre" pieces.  In addition, he designed and made vases and funerary monuments that are always recognizable by finely carved bronze bas-reliefs, which were often applied to granite obelisks. His work was usually cast by the Compagnie des Bronzes. His work can be found in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels.

Source: Engelen-Marx Beeldhouwkunst in België